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The GROW Hour

The GROW Hour, every Sunday morning at 10:05AM, is a great first step to meet people and grow spiritually. We always encourage our children to learn, youth to explore, and adults to deepen their faith through worship, music, prayer, activities, Bible study, mission experiences, and service in the local community and beyond!

Practices of a Radiant Lifestyle

Practices of a Radiant Lifestyle

Friends, it is time…time to give ourselves to God and our community of faith in a special way. Throughout Lent this year we explored 6 practices that we can engage in a way that God will work in us and through us, re-creating and transforming us to be the people he created us to be.  …

Mission Statement


We all know a time in our lives when we’ve felt, alone, stressed, fearful, grief, broken, overwhelmed, or hurt. We felt as if no one was there for us or as if we were forgotten. We also remember that one person (or groups of people) that was there to help us get through this critical…

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