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Practices of a Radiant Lifestyle

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Practices of a Radiant Lifestyle

Friends, it is time…time to give ourselves to God and our community of faith in a special way. At John Knox we explore 6 practices that we can engage in a way that God will work in us and through us, re-creating and transforming us to be the people he created us to be.


BearingPractice 1 | Bearing Witness to the Gospel



ExpressingPractice 2 | Expressing Our Unique Design to Serve



AligningPractice 3 | Aligning Our Lives to God’s Word



CultivatingPractice 4 | Cultivating Sacred Space with God



OverflowingPractice 5 | Overflowing God’s Blessings onto Others

NurturingPractice 6 | Nurturing Our  Faith Community through Committed Relationships



Click here to listen to these practices!

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