The Deacon’s Caring Council is a group of members committed to the well being of the John Knox faith community.  Each member of the council coordinates one ministry area, involving congregation members in the care of our congregation.

One council member identifies people with the gift of hospitality to serve bereavement meals.   Another locates members with an empty seat in their car willing to bring others to church Sunday morning.

A Deacon arranges for the bright bouquets of flowers from Sunday worship to be delivered to  those needing cheer.  A faithful council member showers our members with words of comfort and care through a greeting card ministry.

One Deacon prepares delicious meals which are kept on hand for anyone needing a hearty repast.

A Deacon coordinates our ministry of visitation, arranging for visits  to the homebound.  A representative from Stephen’s Ministry and the Care Servant Team member also sits on the council to add their expertise on member care.

A recent addition to the Deacons is the prayer shawl ministry.  Dedicated members knit shawls to comfort those who are confronting challenging life situations.

President Diana Jones coordinates the council and its activities.

If you feel called to minister to the John Knox membership in any of these ways, please contact Cathy Arble.